Hi I’m Lucy; your average, every day, woman that is still in denial about the fact that she is now a fully fledged adult with responsibilities, a career and bills. I’m a wannabe writer, amateur artist, budding building designer, occasionally confident cook, oggler of all things beautiful and proud owner of a beautiful family, amazing friends, gorgeous partner and moody basil plant.

As far as I see it life is like a roller coast and ride, yes in its highs and lows, but also in its ability to leave you laughing, crying, or throwing up on yourself and anyone unlucky enough to be seated around you. Like those on a roller coaster ride, I have found that in life people generally pretend that they had their hands in the air the whole time and that their screams are were in fact squeals of delight; when really they were saying their prayers and squeezing their eyes shit.

As the need to constantly promote an idealistic rather than realistic image of ourselves increases I often find myself wondering if I am the only one trying to keep a smile on my face while furiously treading water beneath the surface. Is it a case of a deep seeded “life uncoordination” leaving me inept to deal with the juggling act that is existing, or is this just life?

So, this is the raw, unfiltered, version of my life and some of the many ponderings I have surrounding it. This is my life as Lucy. I hope you might find kinship in my random struggles or, even better, realise that you are onto a winner in your own life! Either way I hope you enjoy.

Love always,

Lucy xx


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