Oh Yoga..

I was always intimidated by Yoga classes. The all too quite rooms with 70 years old that out do you in strength, flexibility and grace. Movies portray all too well the perils that can face first time yoga attendees. Finally though, I decided to overcome my mental block of being the un-co at the back making odd noises and attend a few classes. Continue reading


Dating Myself

A few years ago I found myself in Italy reeling from a stressful year, in a dysfunctional relationship and a ‘difficult’ house mate situation. While there I met one of the most amazing people to ever come into my life.

She inspired me one night as she talked about taking herself on dates. Why should we save nice restaurants and movies that we would like to see for when we have someone to go with? Why can’t being in our own company be worthy of celebration and indulgence? So I decided to take myself out. Continue reading


I got a flat battery on Friday. It was pretty rotten to try and escape work for the week only to find that I was stranded due to my consistent delaying of an inevitable and necessary car service. Luckily Roadside Assist came to rescue me within 10 minutes, awesome, and the man that was there to assist me happened to be very good looking, bonus! Continue reading