Musical Talent

I love music, I love it for its ability to change a mood, express a mood and even create a mood. Lyrics to me are like a beautiful language that speak for my heart when my own words can’t do it justice…But, I have no singing or rhythmical talent. Continue reading



I’m a lucky human. Not in the win raffles kind of way, no, though I do know that person. She has won every single raffle she has entered since I met her in primary school, and if she doesn’t, her mum does. If they enter a competition there is just no point in trying.

I’m a lucky human in that, despite of the chaotic mess that I sometimes, or generally, am; I am constantly surrounded by brilliant and inspiring people. Continue reading

Doing it for Myself

I had a frustrating conversation last night. Everyone knows the person I endured; the person who is all too keen to tell you exactly how wonderful their life is while looking down their nose at all your choices. The person that no matter which way the conversion drifts it seems as though it only has one purpose; to make them feel good and you feel rubbish. I have been around long enough to know that if someone feels the need to do this then the issue is with them and not me, but man alive! My tongue was sore from all the biting of it! Continue reading