I think feeling lost is a normal part of life. Those times were you have no idea which path to walk down or which steps to take. I suppose those of us that feel lost should feel privileged to have enough opportunities to be confusing! As a first world problem though, it’s exhausting! Continue reading



Recently I have discovered that I am very much gluten intolerant. I was constantly feeling sick with weird bowel things going on and I would go from looking normal to 5months pregnant around meal times on a daily basis. As a trial I stopped eating gluten and…wolah! No one needs to ask me when I’m due anymore! This is however, is pretty soul destroying. I have had a long term and passionate love affair with all forms of carbohydrates and by default gluten. Pasta, fresh bread, pasta, pizza, crackers. This is going to be a long and messy break up with sporadic hangry moments and serious withdrawals.  I’m sorry gluten, it’s not you, it’s my insides.