The Truth Part. 2 – Creating Ourselves

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“Life is not about finding yourself; life is about creating yourself.” These are some wise words that I once read that have always stayed with me. They seemed so liberating at the time, they were able to take that notion of being lost and turn it into a wonderful adventure. On the flip side it’s petrifying. If I’m still creating myself, then there is no mold that I will one day pop out of and be perfect. Instead I have to work for it, and I’ll likely mess it up, and the mold will be blemished. I’ll add bits that I’ll later subtract… and then probably add back on again later. It will be rustic and a little bit rough; and to be honest, depending on what head space I’m in that idea goes from being A-OK to pretty much being the end of the world. Continue reading


The Truth Part. 1 – Struggle Street


I started this blog with the notion that I would share an unfiltered version of myself with the world to have just one more voice of authenticity out there, to in some small way unbalance the carefully constructed versions of individuals in today’s social society. I started this blog too, with the notion of helping myself to address my deepest thoughts and create a space in which to allow myself to dwell on matters that consume my head space; to indulge them until I am satisfied, and then let them go out into the world so that I can be free of them and people can learn from them. So far I have failed my intent. I have had a great time sharing my lighter thoughts and awkward moments, but life isn’t all farting in yoga and being grateful for friends.

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It seems there is a point in life where even though you don’t feel as though you’ve changed a bit the world around you becomes almost unrecognisable. Girls nights become double dates, finances and careers become legitimate topics of conversation, and every second person is getting married, having babies or buying a house! Continue reading

The “Life Plan”

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For as long as I can remember I have always prescribed to the concept of a ‘life plan’. Right back to when I made my sister play the groom in pretend weddings with our teddy bears as guests and then play ‘mummies’ with our dolls. As I grew this plan became more evolved and adult understanding made the course of actions more complex but none the less there was still a number boxes that I felt needed to be checked in a precise order at a precise time. It was only in recent times that I stopped to think about the implications of this.

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